We hereby announce a competition

20 young participants from the diaspora as per the results of the competition will have an opportunity of free of charge education at ‘Irakan dprots’. The representatives of the Armenian diaspora, who completed the 9th form this year can take part in the competition. To take part in the competition it is required to fill a form of registration and send it to the e-mail address at All the candidates will be additionally informed of the place and the terms of the competition (Moscow, Beirut). The deadline for submission of applications is August 15. . The registration form can be downloaded

Why Study in Armenia

One of the most important priorities that Armenia can offer students, unlike many other countries in the current world, is the safety. Armenians have preserved the traditions they have had for thousands years in the result of which there is the atmosphere of kindness and tolerance in the country. In the universities one can hardly find students that are addicted to drugs or gambling games and other addictions that are of concern. Food is cheaper, it is possible to find affordable and delicious organic food almost everywhere. Transport is also very accessible. Street crimes are severely shortened, so it is not dangerous to walk in streets even at a late hour. Armenia has a rich experience of educational traditions, the numerous gold medals that are obtained in the technical and natural sciences Olympiads are the prove to it. From a professional point of view each Institution of Higher Education has numerous accomplished schools of science, which attribute particular value to the education received in Armenia. The educational program has a wide approach to studying that creates the basis for students to develop scientific worldview which in turn leads to the development of creative and scientific skills set.


Educational and cultural foundation “Irakan dprots” was established in September 2016. The foundation designs and builds the educational system ‘Irakan dprots’ within the territory of the Republic of Armenia granting opportunity to the age group 15-21 to acquire background experience, skills and knowledge required for the civil, military and professional effective activities. All this can be got by studying and living as per the place of residence. In September 2016 ‘Irakan dprots’ implements professional educational program ‘Theory of systems’ with special format. Both classical education (liberal arts) and progressive education shall be applied, particularly project based education, learning by doing, integrated curriculum, online educational platforms, learning by teaching and prepares the students for lifelong learning, since the life cannot be any longer divided into separate parts ‘education-work’ and the education shall be implemented via work, and the work – via continuous self-education and training. The name ‘Theory of systems’ is the Armenian name of cybernetics. The theory of systems shall study the management of systems. The profession aims at mastering the system approaches, software tools and worldview for natural, scientific, public phenomena research, development, simulation and control. The duration of study is four years, A, B, C, D courses, complying with the secondary professional educational program I-V courses. The admission is made on the basis of principal education (1-9 classes in Armenia). The educational program includes general comprehensive component, providing secondary education of students based on the basic education and professional component, providing acquisition of required knowledge, skills and abilities. The training course shall be executed by seven vertical disciplines established by the program. They are – calligraphy, rhetoric, chronology, hygiene, agriculture, weaponry and engineering. These disciplines are structured by vertical or unique approach. The vertical disciplines within context cover the disciplines of comprehensive program and replenish the professional disciplines. A year includes the exemplary educational program of X-XII classes of vocational stream. B, C and D years cover the educational program ‘Theory of systems’ by EHEA ShortCycle (Level5). The first experimental program shall be implemented in September 2016 for 20 students in collaboration with Instigate training center , Association of IT companies and Informatics state college with the approval of Ministry of Education and Science of RA and under the sponsorship of information system technology companies, the member of Association of IT companies, the future employers of the students.

Summer technological camp for Armenian diaspora schoolchildren will be implemented in Armenia

Union of Information technology enterprises (UITE), implementing a variety of technological educational programs in Armenia, launched a new style summer technological camp for the schoolchildren from Armenia and Diaspora. The purpose of the technological camp is to impart engineering preliminary skills and knowledge of native studies to the youth of Armenia and diaspora under the summer leasure time activities, create a ground for communication of the young people throughout Diaspora and RA and strengthen the link between them and the possible further collaboration. The agenda of technological camp with the duration of 8 days is saturated with specially developed robot construction, software engineering training courses, competitions, events focused on native studies (hikes, folk dance courses, basic firearm training, medical training, cartography) and a number of entertainment programs. The activities will be conducted by the team leaders with relevant knowledge and experience. 3-time meals and convenient rooms furnished with the required property will be provided. Medical center is available within the camp where the children will pass medical examination from the star and will be at the supervision of the medical specialist. 10-17 children residing within the Diaspora can participate in the summer camp, as well as the students of engineering laboratory and robot construction groups ‘Armat’ operating in all the regions of the Republic of Armenia and the children of the employees of Armenian companies can participate in the camp activities. In the event of acquiring relevant financial assets children from insecured families will participate in the camp. The fee for the summer technological camp for one child makes 350 USD. For additional information and participation please contact the program coordinator Anna Sargsyan at +37491009181, e-mail address: technological technological camp concept_Diaspora_ARM