Lomonosov Moscow State University Yerevan Branch

Lomonosov Moscow State University Yerevan Branch is a separate structural division within one of the leading universities in the world. The Yerevan Branch was launched on March 31, 2015. The first admission campaign was in July 2015.
The education at the Yerevan Branch of Lomonosov Moscow State University is conducted in accordance with the curricula programs of MSU. The mode of study is full-time, based on contractual and budget principles. Classes are conducted by the professors of Moscow State University in Russian language.
The Yerevan Branch has 6 directions for bachelor training program:
• Applied Mathematics and Informatics;
• Law;
• Journalism (specializations – Multimedia Journalism; Advertising and Public Relations);
• International Relations;
• Linguistics;
• Economics;
Admission is implemented оn the results of 2 examinations: Russian (reproduction of the text in written form), relevant majoring subject. Examiners – Central Admission Committee of MSU.
Graduates receive a diploma of Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Address: RA, Yerevan, Aygestan 8
Tel.: (+374 11) 900 110



National Polytechnic University of Armenia is the legal successor of Yerevan Polytechnic Institute, which was founded in 1933 having only 2 faculties and 107 students. Nowadays more than 8000 students get their professional education at NPUA. Academic staff consists of 712 members. Yerevan Polytechnic Institute grew along with the Republic’s industrialization pace and in 1980-1985 reached its peak with about 25 000 students and more than 65 majors, becoming the largest higher education institution in Armenia and one of the most advanced engineering schools in USSR. On November 29, 1991, Yerevan Polytechnic Institute was reorganized and renamed State Engineering University of Armenia (SEUA) and on November 13th of 2014 was renamed as National Polytechnic University of Armenia. During these 8 decades of its existence, the University has given nearly 116 thousand graduates who have great contribution to the development of the industry forming powerful engineering manpower and technology, which is the base of Armenia. Today the University realizes 4 study programmes of vocational, higher and post-higher professional education, conferring the qualification degree of junior specialist, bachelor, master and researcher.
Besides the degree programmes, the University also offers extended education courses by the means of its faculties and a network of continuing education structures.
The specialization scope of the university includes all the main areas of engineering and technologies represented by 48 Bachelor’s and 44 Master’s and 20 researcher specializations that are implemented in 37 chairs of 7 faculties of Yerevan institution and regional branches all together.
In Yerevan operate two Institutes and seven faculties:
• Institute of Electrical Engineering and Power Engineering,
• Institute of Machine Building, Transportation Systems and Design
• Faculty of Chemical Technologies and Environmental Engineering
• Faculty of Mining and Metallurgy
• Faculty of Cybernetics
• Faculty of Radio Engineering and Communication Systems
• Faculty of Computer Systems and Informatics
• Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Physics
• Faculty of Correspondence Education

NPUA has a division for Foreign Students where the education is organized both in English and Armenian for 87 students’ and PhDs’. The majority of students are from Iran, India and Syria, others from Lebanon, Nepal, Georgia and Russia.
The University has also developed an extended network of international cooperation including many leading Universities and research centers of the world.
The University is a member of European University Association (EUA), it is also involved in many European and other international academic and research programmes such as TEMPUS, ERASMUS-MUNDUS, ERASMUS+, INTAS, COST, NATO Science, SCOPES, DAAD, USAID, OSI, FP etc..
The University with its system of scientific researches is considered to be the leading center for technical sciences. The Research Division of the University involves a number of research laboratories and scientific groups that implement different research projects financed from the state budget as well as by different international grants.

National Polytechnic University of Armenia
Address: RA, Yerevan, Teryan 105
Tel.: ( 374 10) 56 79 68



Russian-Armenian University is a unique institution in the region, proving to be an excellent example of integration in education. The University was established upon the agreement signed between the Governments of the Republic of Armenia and Russian Federation on August 29, 1997.
During the relatively short time of its existence, RAU has become a leading educational and scientific center in Armenia. In 2001, Mr. Armen Darbinyan, former Prime-Minister of the Republic of Armenia, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor, member of National Academy of Sciences of Armenia, assumed the post of rector.
The University sees its mission in preparing highly qualified specialists with an in-depth professional experience and in ensuring their place in the competitive job market.
RAU offers a diverse range of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs in more than 70 fields of studies. There are 31 Departments working within 5 Institutes: the Institute of Mathematics and High Technology, the Institute of Economics and Business, the Institute of Law and Politics, the Institute of Humanities, the Institute of Media, Advertising and Film Arts.
RAU is widely recognized for its prominent activity in the regional educational and scientific environment and it continues to expand its work internationally. The University’s growing international network provides students and lecturers with various opportunities for mobility.
The University prepares specialists with up-to-date knowledge and skill ensuring their place in the competitive job market

Address: 123 Hovsep Emin str., Yerevan, 0051 Armenia
Tel.: (+374 10) 27-70-52



Self-knowledge is the basis of cognition

This is the slogan of the “Urartu” University of Practical Psychology and Sociology – the only specialized university in sphere of psychology, sociology and social work in the Republic of Armenia.

Coming together with Professor Sedrak Aghassie Sedrakyan – the rector of the University, a group of outstanding psychologists of the Republic in a very short time managed to establish a university that corresponds to international standards by its professional direction and high level of training specialists.

The founders of the University realized clearly that the newborn independent country – Armenia, integrating the international structures, needed qualified specialists not only in the sphere of economy but also in the sphere of science and culture.

The idea of establishing a psychological university was born in 1988 when the disastrous earthquake happened. The terrible calamity covered the north-western regions of the country which had advanced industry, dense population, rich culture and national traditions.
The republic needed a great number of qualified psychologists to help people to overcome their psychological tension and stresses and organize rehabilitation work.

The republic needed its own psychological school to prepare specialists who would know our national features, traditions which would help them to do better work with the population.

Taking into consideration this situation and the demands of that period, in 1991 the university named “Urartu” opened its doors for the young people who wished to get psychological education.

Address: RA, Yerevan, Koryun str, 19a
Tel.: ( +374 10) 52- 82- 42

The National Academy of Fine Arts.

The National Academy of Fine Arts was founded in 1996 with a specialization in design.
It received state certificate in 2002.
Numerous graduates of the Academy are members of the Union of Designers of Armenia, the International Union of Designers, the Association of Armenian Applied Arts and Design.

Over the years the Academy has participated and organized about 245 exhibitions, fashion shows and competitions, among them: 20 national, 39 international and 186 in-house.
At international competitions both the Academy and its students were awarded diplomas, medals, certificates of merit and the Grand Prix of the highest category (about 70).
The Academy has a College with a specialization in design.

The duration of training at the Academy is four years.

The Academy and College provides education in the following specialties:

1. Interior Design
2. Graphic Design
3. Fashion design

Address: RA, Yerevan, Hakob Hakobyan 3
Tel.: (+374 10) 23-00-89